About Tradulibro

TradulibroHello, my name is Natalia Steckel. I am a professional translator and copyeditor from Argentina. I started translating books in 2014, and I’ve noticed that, due to language barriers, it is very difficult for English-speaking authors to find ways to promote their books translated into Spanish. As an author, you may want to contact blogs to get reviews, reach out to websites that promote special offers or free downloads, or even set up a Spanish language resource page on your own website, but everything is harder without knowing the language. As a result, lots of great stories and useful non-fiction books are not as well-known as they deserve to be. In a market that keeps growing every day, it is important to find the best way to spread the word about your work.

Therefore, in addition to offering my translation and copyediting services, I created Tradulibro to help authors promote their translated books and reach more readers.

What will you find on this site?

  • The ease of an English language platform that allows you to register and add your books to a Spanish language website for Spanish-speaking readers.
  • Translation services: Get a quote to translate your book into Spanish. Translation fees will include copyediting services and a translation of the book’s description as well as the author’s biography.
  • Copyediting services: Have you already had your book translated? Have the translation reviewed by another professional. No matter how great each of us is at our job, a new set of eyes will always find something to correct or improve. It happens to authors; it happens to translators.

I hope you find Tradulibro useful for launching or expanding your presence in the Spanish-speaking market.

Let’s work together to increase your sales!