Editing Fees

The chart below details the fee structure for preparing a manuscript for publication. The editing process is as follows:

  • My initial review of the manuscript. Any corrections or comments will be made using the Track Changes feature in Word.
  • Author’s review of changes in collaboration with the principal translator. Author and/or translator may request clarification or explanation of changes.
  • My second full review of the manuscript. Valid issues will be addressed and clarification/explanations given.
  • Author’s final review of the manuscript in collaboration with the translator to accept/reject changes.
  • Third and final review of polished manuscript resulting in copy ready for publication.
Number of Source Words (i.e.: translated book) Fees Upfront fee
1 – 5,999 Minimum fee USD 50.00
6,000 – 29,999 USD 0.009 / Word 50 %
30,000 – 59,999 USD 0.008 / Word 50 %
60,000 – 99,999 USD 0.007 / Word 25 %
More than 100,000 USD 0.006 / Word 25 %

These fees are for proofreading, improvements to diction, sentence structure, flow and clarity. Basically, it is for well-written texts that require minor editing. For translations that will require verifying the original book because meaning is not clear and retranslation is required, an extra fee may apply. This will be informed when the edited sample text is sent.

Payment can be made by PayPal; for projects with a remaining balance of USD 500 or more, you may choose to pay in monthly installments.

If you are interested in hiring my services, please fill out the request form. Once we agree on a delivery date, you will receive a copy of the contract by email. Once accepted and signed by both, you will have 72 hours to pay the upfront fee.