Review Babelcube’s sample translations

If you added your book to Babelcube, the translator will send you the first ten pages so that you can decide whether to continue with the translation or not. How to make sure the sample is a good one when you are not familiar with the language? It is very important to know you will have a good book to sell and that the reviews will be about your story and not about the bad quality of the translation.

I can verify the sample and send you a report to help you decide if it is advisable to continue with that translator. I will point out if there are only typos or mistakes that can be easily solved with an editor or if the quality is poor and the editor would have to rewrite half of it.

The report will be an honest opinion and in no way will I criticize a translator’s job just for you to come running to me. I am currently not accepting books through Babelcube nor doing translations for royalties. The idea is to help you make sure you will have a good translation of your book. Once it is done and published, if it is a bad one, the translator will still earn royalties and you will have to pay someone else to rewrite it.

This service costs USD 10 and you can pay with Paypal. If later on you want to hire me as a copyeditor for the full translation, you can check my Editing Services.

Complete the following form to send me the sample.