Translation Fees

The chart below details the fee structure for translating your manuscript. Included in the proposal are the following services:

  • Translation of the author’s book
  • Translation of the book’s description
  • Translation of the author’s biography
  • Translation of any keywords needed to optimize a search for the author’s book on various publishing platforms
  • Editing fees: I work with an editor to ensure the outstanding quality of my work. This additional service is included in the translation of the book.
Number of Source Words Fees Upfront fee Payment in monthly installments (without the upfront fee)
1 – 1,000 USD 50.- (Fixed) 50%
1,001 – 20,000
USD 0.05 / Word 30% Up to 2[a]
20,001 – 40,000 USD 0.04 / Word 30% Up to 3[b]
40,001 – 65,000 USD 0.03 / Word 25% Up to 4[c]
More than 65,000 USD 0.02 / Word 20% Up to 9[d][e]

Payment can be made by PayPal; you may choose to pay in monthly installments (as seen above) with a minimum deposit payable upfront.

If you are interested in hiring my services, please fill out the request form. Once we agree on a delivery date, you will receive a copy of the contract by email. Once accepted and signed by both, you will have 72 hours to pay the upfront fee.

[a] 2 installments: for balance over $ 600.

[b] 3 installments: for balance over $ 900.

[c] 4 installments: for balance over $ 1,200.

[d] 6 installments: for balance over $ 1,650.

[e] 9 installments: for balance over $ 2,475.